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Exchange 2007: /PrepareSchema failing with error Code 8245: 'Schema update failed: An attribute with the same link identifier already exists'

In Adsiedit.msc follow the below mentioned path and provide the values as defined:

Schema Container -> CN= Schema ->Right Click -> New Object -> attributeschema -> Next
# For 'CN=ms-Exch-Mobile-Mailbox-Policy-Link'

Attribute Value:
cn 'CN=ms-Exch-Mobile-Mailbox-Policy-Link'
oMSyntax 127
lDAPDisplayName msExchMobileMailboxPolicyLink
isSingleValued TRUE
attributeID 1.2.840.113556.1.4.7000.102.50668

# Finish

# for 'CN=ms-Exch-Mobile-Mailbox-Policy-BL'

Attribute Value
cn 'CN=ms-Exch-Mobile-Mailbox-Policy-BL'
oMSyntax 127
lDAPDisplayName msExchMobileMailboxPolicyBL
isSingleValued FALSE
attributeID 1.2.840.113556.1.4.7000.102.50726

# Finish
# After this run the /PrepareSchema and it will complete successfully.


How to move mailboxes in bulk in Exchange 2010

First you need to create the .csv file having the alias or Displayname in the format and save it as batch2.csv


Then we need to run the command from the Exchange Management Shell.

"Import-CSV "D:\Batch2.csv" | foreach {New-MoveRequest -Identity $_.alias -TargetDatabase DB01}"

Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011

I woke up this morning after working with client almost till 3.30 AM. Logged in to my Skype to see if there is any message left by clients, didn't got any that means everything is going great.

Checked my email and got one email from Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011. Guess what, I Just got awarded by Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011.

Now i feel one step closer to become MVP, 6  month from now, i would like to see "MVP" tag after my name :)