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Room mailbox availability error “An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn't be handled”

When booking room mailbox for meeting which is on exchange server 2003, getting error “An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn't be handled”.  This user has been moved on exchange server 2010 and when user tries to book a room for meeting he is getting the error in Room Mailbox Availability status.
Room mailbox booking for meeting
Availability error

Ran the command “Set-Mailbox User1 –ApplyMandatoryProperties” and checked the issue but it didn’t worked. Checked the properties of Room Mailbox for permission and if user is part this room Mailbox, and permission and user were intact.
I decided to move this Room Mailbox to exchange server 2010. Moved the Room Mailbox. When you move the room mailbox from one server to another server or database, it will be moved as user mailbox but not as Room Mailbox. You will have to convert the user mailbox to room mailbox.
Set-Mailbox COConf -Type Room
After converting the user mailbox to room mailbox, checked the issue but still it wasn’t working. There is another setting which need to be changed and it can be done using EMC or EMS.
Go to properties of Room Mailbox…Resource General TAB and found that “Enable the Resource Booking Attendant” is not checked.
Room mailbox properties "Resource General"

Make sure “Enable the Resource Booking Attendant” check box is checked!
Enable the Resource Booking Attendant

You can make this change by running the command “Set-CalendarProcessing "COconf" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept”. After making this change, checked the issue and how I can see the availability of Room Mailbox.
Room availability working

Now, it started working for the user’s on exchange server 2010, but what about the users on exchange server 2003? Checked the users of exchange server 2003 and it’s working fine.


Best tool for Exchange Server cross forest migration poll result.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the poll and giving their valueable feedback.
There are lot's of other tools available in the market for exchange cross forest migration, but most of the time people use BT or Quest.
Here is the result.

The backup did not complete successfully, and no log files were truncated for this database.

When I run backup on my exchange server 2010 it fails with error "The backup did not complete successfully, and no log files were truncated for this database." I have been using Windows Server Backup since the day I got exchange 2010 installed.
The status of Windows Backup is Completed with warnings.

In the application log I am getting Event ID 9782 and Event ID 565.

Checked the health of Exchaneg Writers by running the command vssadmin list writers and writer was stable. Did some research and found that there is one RegistryKey EnableVSSWriter Key which needs to be added on the exchange server.

After doing the change in registry I had to restart the Microsoft Exchange Replication service. But when I went to restart this server it failed with local server error. In application I got two Event ID 4004 and Event ID 4999. Lession learned here is, this registy entry is not for stand alone exchange server but the server in DAG (Database Availability Group). Deleted the registry key EnableVSSWriter and started the service.

I had McAfee anti virus installed on the server and checked the C:\Quarantine folder and found that their are tons of file with .bup and each file is of 1 MB.
Set the exclustion on database (.edb) and (.log) file of exchange server and ran the backup again and backup failed again. Stopped all the McAfee services on the server and ran the backup and it completed successfully.
Note: You will not able to stop McAfee services until or unless you disable the component from McAfree console.

Remember Windows Server Backup is volume level backup and you should install 3rd party backup application for exchange server backup.
I hope this article helps.