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Error Parsing Kickstart Config: The provider network interface eth0 does not exist.

I was installing AsteriskNOW-3.0.0 in the LAB (Hyper-V) and got the error "Error Parsing Kickstart Config: The provider network interface eth0 does not exist."

I checked the setting in Hyper-V and the server had the Network Adapter, I restarted the process and it failed again. I checked the settings again and found that Network Adapter is selected by default.

I turned off the server and removed the Network Adapter and added the new hardware and selected Legacy Network Adapter.

After adding the Legacy Network Adapter error disappeared and installation completed successfully.
I believe the only reason it need Legacy Network Adapter and not the Network Adapter, because AsteriskNOW-3.0.0 is Linux based application.


The description for Event ID 3 from source Lync cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupt.

Environment Topology:
1 DC/GC and DNS running on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1
1 Lync Server 2013 installed on Windows Server 2012
1 Exchange Server 2010 SP3 with RU2
1 Client Windows 8 x64.
1 Office 2013 Lync Client and Office 2013 Basic Lync Client.
1 Certificate Authority and ADFS 2.0 Server
1 Forefront TMG Server 2010 SP2

I am not able to login to Lync 2013 client after the fresh installation of Lync Server 2013 with CU2. I am getting the error standard error message "The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect."

Tried with different accounts as well, but still getting the same error message. I found an update for Lync 2013 client and installed it.

After the update, tried Login, still the same error message. Now I enable the logging on the client so that it will generate the event in case of failure. I found the Event ID 3, 1 and 12.

Now as per the event, there's something wrong with the installation or the files of Lync Client 2013 which got installed. I installed the full version of Office 2013 Lync Client, now I tried with Lync Basic client and it failed with the same error message.

I decided to check the issue with Lync 2010 Client and installed the client after uninstalling the Lync 2013 client from the workstation.
Now I tried to login to the Test account and it worked, no more error with Lync 2010 client.

Resolution/Workaround: Install Lync 2010 client.
I am not sure, why is it failing to login with Lync 2013 client, I am still looking into the issue and will update the post once I find the solution.


Setup Wizard for Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 (KB2746164) ended prematurely

While doing regular check on the exchange server environment I found the error Mailbox Role "is not configured" on server "". Please run the setup again. I had the same issue error for Client Access Server role too. Environment was running DAG with 2 member server.

I checked the store.exe version on both the servers and found that it was a mismatch.

Now to fix the issue, I ran the setup again on exch01 server and it completed successfully.
Note: exch01 server had Rollup Update 4 installed before running the SP2 setup on the server.
On other server, I had upgraded Rollup Update 6, hence I had to install the same on this server too. Started installing Rollup Update 6 for SP2 on exchange01 and it failed with the error "Setup Wizard for Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 (KB2746164) ended prematurely".

To fix this issue, what I had to do was, to run the this file as "Run as Administrator". Hence, opened Command Prompt with "Run as Administrator" and copied the path and pasted in it and pressed the Enter Key. Setup took time but it failed again with Rolling Back message and finally the above error message.

Disabled the UAC on the server and restarted the server, ran the setup again and it failed with the same error.
Checked the ExecutionPolicy on PowerShell and it was restricted. Set the ExecutionPolicy as Unrestricted and ran the setup again, but it failed again.
Added the Administrator account in security on PowerShell key in registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell. Restarted the server and ran the setup still No Go. Checked the setup but didn't find anything, nothing in Event viewer.
I had seen this issue before but those resolutions weren't working here.

Uninstalled the entire exchange server and reinstalled it, tried to install Update Rollup 6, still it failed.

Unbelievable resolution in my case was "Disable the Windows Firewall on the server" run the setup and it completed successfully.

Weird as I didn't had to do it before to install the Update Rollup and on other Active Server, it got installed successfully without making any changes.