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Exchange Server 2010 To 2013 Migration Guide

Ending my year with Exchange Server 2010 To 2013 Migration Guide. I hope it helps to accomplish your migration project.

Signing out from year 2014. Wish you all very happy and prosperous year 2015.

Gulab Prasad

How to Request and Configure Exchange Server 2013 Certificate

I wrote one small guide on "How to Request and Configure Exchange Server 2013 Certificate".
You can download this guide from the below link.


Cannot access LcsCDR or QoEMetricson Monitoring back-end database.Verify that these databases has been deployed, and that access to the Monitoring back-end database is not blocked by firewall.

While deploying Lync Server 2013 Archiving and Monitoring role, I ran into the below error message.

Check your SQL Server which will be used for Archiving and Monitoring for Lync Server 2013. I found that databases were not created.

Login to your SQL Server and open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Server. Create LcsCDR and QoEMetrics database manually.

Rerun the deployment again and it will complete successfully.