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KEMP Calling: KEMP APAC Application Delivery Technical Summit 2014

KEMP APAC Application Delivery Technical Summit 2014
April 3 to 4, 2014 (Thursday to Friday)
We didn't become the fastest growing Load Balancing Company in Asia Pacific by accident.  We want to continue this growth and so we want to hear what you have to say.  We would like to tell you what we have planned for the coming years and we'd like to share the success we've had in a great year of growth in 2013.  How do we increase momentum? How do we become your best vendor and how do we uncover new opportunities together? These are a few of things we would like to achieve in the very first KEMP Partner Summit and Application Delivery Technical Summit for Asia Pacific to be held in Singapore.

You have been carefully selected to be part of this Summit because we believe in your contribution to the Technical Community and your breadth of knowledge in influencing the future of the Industry.

Discussions will involve:

·         The latest trends in Application Architectures

·         The effects of NFV & SDN technologies on Applications

·         Designing Cost Effective High Availability & DR solutions

·         Application Optimisation and Troubleshooting

·         Challenges to Application Delivery in Asia-Pacific

·         The Role of the Community in Technology Adoption

We will also be sharing KEMP's product roadmap and vision and show casing some of the latest developments in the industry. You will have an opportunity to meet Application Experts from around the APAC region as well as from the U.S.



The action 'Set-Mailbox', 'EmailAddresses', can't be performed on the object 'User Mailbox' because the object is being synchronized from your on-premises organization. This action should be performed on the object in your on-premises organization.

After implementing and migrating Exchange 2010 On-Premises to Office 365 I am getting this error/warning. And this is not just with editing email address of Exchange Object but there are several other error/warning I am getting while performing these kind of actions.

Here is the same error I am getting when editing the E-Mail Address:

Now Microsoft says to to keep at least One On Premises Exchange Server to manage environment when you are doing Hybrid Deployment. Now the question is, what happens when I am doing Cut Over Migration with 2000 seats. Do I need to have On Premises Exchange to manage Office 365? What if a customer with 30K seat environment wants to migrate to Office 365 and keep all messaging related thing with Office 365 and Active Directory On Premises. And none of Exchange Server On Premises, what is the option in that case? These are the questions which needs to be answered.

As per this TechNet blog also, it ask you to keep One Exchange Server On Premises.

I wonder why do I get the above error? I have asked this question by my client and the only technical answer I could give them was, it's happening due to AD Sync between On Premises and Office 365. Another thing is, last time I checked DirSync is one way Sync, and this could be one of the reasons why it's happening. I looked at several places but didn't got the satisfactory answer.

Here is I am creating Room Mailbox using EAC or Office 365 Dashboard and I got the some error/warning.

One thing is, after I click on OK and save and check for the Room Mailbox, it's present in there.
I am still looking for the answer of this behavior, that why I am getting the Sync error when editing the object.


Outlook client experiencing slowness while accessing public folders Exchange 2010

I ran into an issue where as Outlook client experiencing slowness when accessing Public Folder on Exchange Server 2010. I was facing 2 different issues at 2 different geographical location, users at Europe were experiencing slowness when trying to access Public Folder via Outlook and Users in US where getting credential prompt when it failed to connect to default Public Folder Database.

I was able to fix Outlook slowness issue while accessing the Public Folder by making the registry changes on Public Folder Server, as Outlook client were trying to connect to Public Folder Server which were in US.

I followed this article and applied Method 2 to fix the issue.

But, the issue at US location was Outlook client were prompting for credential when trying to connect Public Folder Database which was not a Default Public Folder Database on Mailbox Database. So to fix this issue I had to apply the same registry fixes but I also had to install Hot Fix on Public Folder Server. Hot Fix is part of Method 1, but this article doesn't have a link to download the Hot Fix.

I had to call Microsoft get this Hot Fix which you can download from here. Writing this article, so that you don’t have to call Microsoft to get this Hot Fix.

I hope it helps.