The error code is: 8224. When running /PrepareAD

Friend of mine came across with this issue while installing first exchange 2010 SP1 in the environment. I thought of sharing it with all of you.

While running /PrepareAd, the switch failed with below error message.

Checked the location in the error "C:\Users\administrator.LABS\AppData\Local\Temp\ldif.err" and found the log file.

Opened the log file and found the below information.

If you check the ExchangeSetup.log file you will get more detailed information on the error message.
What happened was, there was one ADC in the environment and it was turned OFF, turned ON the ADC and replicated (force) the domain controllers and waited for replication to complete.

Ran the /PrepareAD and it completed successfully. Installed Exchange successfully.


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  1. Hi

    I have the same error. Can you tell me please what is ADC and how you turn it on ? I'm new to this.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Gulab says:

    AD Connector you can TURN ON using Exchange System Manager. You can check the AD Connector in Adsiedit.msc too.
    Other option you have is to delete the AD Connector as it's used for Exchange 5.5. I assume you are running Exchange Server 2003 and Planning to Migrate to Exchange 2010!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the answer. I'm not running 2003. I'm installing new Exchange Server 2013 on the second DC. (I have 2 DC's) and i get this error message when i run PrepareAD. I found out i have replications problems. Thanks

  4. Gulab says:

    Good to know that you found the reason. :)

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