Download Lync Server 2010

One of my friend asked me few days ago if Lync Server 2010 is available for download from Microsoft website. And without hesitating, my answer was off course, but when I tried to find the link for downloading Lync Server 2010 I couldn't find myself.

I came across several link to download Lync Server 2010, but all the link took me to this location:

I thought of uploading and creating a download for Lync Server 2010. If you want to download Lync Server 2010 you can download from my below link.
Download Lync Server 2010

Note: It's .ISO file, you will have to extract it to installer file after download using WinISO, Ultra ISO or other tools.

June, 8, 2014 Update: I found the Microsoft site from where you can download lots of Previous Version software's including Lync, Exchange, Windows and SQL Servers.

Previous Version


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  1. Unknown says:

    I have started downloading from your dropbox link...If it works god will give you many wives.

  2. Starting download of dropbox, thanks!!!

  3. It's not working anymore, anyone please help me with either Lync server 2010 or 2013 setup download.

  4. @Govind, It working just fine for me, what is the error you are getting?

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